Driving Lesson Routines – Driving Lessons Enfield | Barnet | Finchley | North London |

Here are some simple driving routines that we will go over in our driving lessons and once mastered will put you well on your way to passing your test.

DSSSM – Cockpit Drill
The Cockpit drill should be performed everytime you get into a car. It is one of the first things you will learn in your driving lessons with us. It’s an easy routine but an important one to get used to doing.
POM – Prepare Observe Move
The POM driving lesson routine is used when your car is stationary, either parked at the side of the road or when stopped at a junction or in stationary traffic.
MSPSL – Mirror Signal Position Speed Look
Also known as Mirror, Signal Manoeuvre (MSM), MSPSL should be used every time that you approach junctions, roundabouts or traffic lights.
SCALP – Safe Convenient And Legal Position
The Safe Convenient And Legal Position (SCALP) routine is used when you intend to stop at the side of the road, it is important to show consideration to other road users for both their safety and yours.