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Whether you have already had a few driving lessons or you are just beginning to learn to drive from scratch, here at ADI School of Motoring we pride ourselves on our high rate of first time driving test passers.

Our learner drivers are taught more than just how to pass the driving test, they are taught everything there is to know about how to be a good, safe driver. They learn how to drive safely as well as how to make their passengers feel safe in the car with them too.

This is a very important part of learning to drive if you want to pass your test first time. Driving test examiners will be judging more than just your driving technique, they need to feel safe in the car whilst you’re driving too.

Here are some of our previous learners who passed first time:

Saoirse Moran, Enfield, North London, Age 22

The idea of learning to drive was quite scary for me at first but after my first lesson with ADI my confidence grew, I learned that there isn’t anything scary about driving if you learn how to drive safely and securely. Anthony, my driving instructor, was always there in case something went wrong (the cars have dual controls) so even though nothing ever went wrong with my driving i always felt safe and confident. I highly recommend ADI to everybody that might be nervous about learning to drive.

Patrick McCafferty, Barnet, North London, Age 25

  I felt like i was learning more than just how to pass my test, i was learning how to safely operate the car as well as learning courtesy towards other road users. This came across really well in my test and although i made a couple of mistakes because of nervousness the examiner could see that i was a safe driver and that helped me pass first time.

Mairead M, Enfield, North London, Age 19

There’s nothing better than being able to learn something and have a good old laugh at the same time! The lessons with ADI were fun and i actually really enjoyed myself. I think being excited about my lessons and enjoying the learning experience really helped me learn faster and it definitely helped me pass first time.