Prepare, Observe, Move – Driving Lessons Enfield | Barnet | Finchley | North London |

The Prepare Observe Move (POM) routine is used when you intend to move your car from a stationary position, either parked at the kerbside or when stopped at a junction or in stationary traffic.

This is getting the vehicle ready and preparing to pull away when the road is clear.
  • Press the clutch down and hold it there
  • Select first gear, and move your hand back to the steering wheel
  • Press the gas pedal down until you are at about 1500-2000 rpm
  • Bring the clutch up slowly until you find the biting point
  • Put you left hand on the Handbrake and be ready to release it
Take a good look around the vehicle…
  • Look over both shoulders
  • Check centre mirror and the appropriate exterior mirrors
  • Check your blind spot
  • Signal if necessary
If everything is clear and it is safe to do so…
  • Release the handbrake, and move your hand back to the steering wheel
  • Release the clutch slowly while gently increasing the gas
  • If you find the vehicle is starting to move away too fast, ease off the gas slightly and push the clutch back down slightly
  • Re-check your mirrors and/or blind spot and move your car to the normal driving position
  • Do one final mirror checks